Machine Learning

Since the advent of the twenty first century, computer have been becoming more and more intelligent and sophisticated. Machine learning basically means that machine can learn and perform tasks and operations that were not specifically programmed into them. Machine learning is now becoming more in more prevalent in our everyday lives. Self- driving cars are definitely an example of machine learning since the car must use past data to make decisions on its own and apply what it already knows to new situations. Another example of machine learning is the way Amazon recommends similar products to the ones the customers has bought in the past: past knowledge and data is being applied to future customers’ shopping preferences to recommend to them similar products. Machine learning is definitely prevalent in detecting fraud, by using past data of which transactions for example were fraudulent, future fraudulent transactions  can be predicted and stopped.

There are several types of machine learning processes. The two most popular of widely used of these methods are supervised and unsupervised learning. Supervised learning is when a machine is given sample inputs usually past on prior or historical events, and told what the outputs should be. The machine or system, adjusts its algorithm so that it correctly fits all of the past data. Then, it can apply this algorithm to future data to help make related decisions based on similar kinds of inputs. Unsupervised learning is when a machine is given no historical or past events to base it algorithm off of. It must make sense of the data on its own and come up with a pattern and some form of recognition and apply it to future events. Since the machine is developing an pattern while it is receiving data, it can compare the patterns it has established to future inputs and determine if any data points are outliers or anomalies- more formerly called anomaly detection.

Machine learning is becoming more and more important in today’s world with the vastly expanding capabilities of technology. Technology giants like Google, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook are leveraging machine learning techniques to revolutionize the end user experience.



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