Fiber Optic, Copper Cables, and Wireless Connection

For modern day companies, the speed of their internet connection or their bandwidth, is a very crucial factor in determining the productivity of that business. A lot of companies have been using the same type of connection, and are not up to speed with the rate rate of technological change. It is vital for a business’s growth and productivity to have the right connection strategy to support all of the daily operations at the company.

First off, Copper cable connection is generally used for fairly short distances, and additionally do not offer a very fast rate of connection, or bandwidth. Another potential problem with copper cables is that they do conduct electricity making them more prone to catching fire.

Fiber optic cables on the other hand do not only offer faster bandwidth, but can also span over longer distances than copper cables can. Additionally, fiber optic cables are generally more reliable than copper cables and result in fewer connections being dropped over a short distance. Fiber optic cables also generally last longer and are more durable, so they do not to be replaced nearly as often as copper cables.

Wireless connection on the other hand does not require the installation, removal or maintenance of any cables or wiring, thus making it a simpler solution for some. Wireless connection for businesses that require that minute difference in speed, will provide that essential difference over fiber optic. The dishes and the receiver dishes need to be positioned in the right place so that connection is not blocked by any building or obstacles. Since fiber optic cables are usually wired underground, or at ground level, the connection speed over longer distances will be a bit slower than wireless given the intricate path the information has to travel. Wireless connection with the right positioning can allow the information to simply travel in a straight line from point a to point b, making it the go to choice for businesses that require the fastest possible connection speeds. Both Wireless and Fiber optic connections are definitely a great bandwidth solution for most businesses,  thus integrating both solutions can provide the benefits of both solutions. Companies need to definitely keep up with the rate of technological change and pick the right solution for them to keep their business up to speed with the rest of the world.


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