Best Ways to Protect your Computer

In the modern world, with the ever expanding capabilities of technology, it is now more important than ever to take the right cautionary measures to ensure that your information is safe and secure. Our computers can single handedly provide us with the biggest information security threats. It is paramount that one take proven safety measures to prevent hackers and other malicious behaviors from stealing your information.

The first way to protect yourself is by installing a firewall which helps block out outside unauthorized programs an intruders from entering your network and using your system.

Antivirus software is another important way to prevent malicious software and online programs from manifesting itself on your computer and possibly tampering with your data storage and information. Viruses can be very dangerous in terms of identity theft and the overall performance and speed of your computer. Therefore, installing and maintaining antivirus software is a very necessary step to protecting your information and your computer.

One of the most overlooked components of information security but probably the most vital to data protection, is the fortitude of the password. Hackers nowadays have immense hacking capabilities, therefore, weak and relatively simple passwords can allow hackers to break into your computer or other valuable information stores relatively easily. Most people these days use password that are easy to remember and passwords that they use for practically everything else, making their data and private information far from secure. Some simple protective measures to ensure that your password is secure and capable of holding up against hacking attempts are: keeping a password storing application such as Last Pass where you can record and keep all your password, thereby allowing you to maintain more complex password without the worry of forgetting them. Additionally, passwords must be over six characters long, should not be lowercase, and should contain numbers or other symbols to increase their strength. Additionally, being aware in places where there is a wifi hotspot is mightily important given how easily someone can spy on your internet activity simply by creating a dummy wifi network and naming it similar to the actual network, and intercepting the incoming traffic that connects to that network.


5 Simple Steps to Protect Your PC from Hackers


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