Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon dash buttons are devices that you can have in your home which are connected to the internet, and since each dash button is connected to a corresponding product on Amazon, with each press of the button a new supply of that product is reordered for you. This is more of a convenience item. If you install it next to the item in your house that it is connected to such as your toilet paper dispenser, you will not forget to reorder when the time comes.

A more interesting question however comes up of what else could you make these dash buttons do, if say you were to hack them. In August of last year, a guy named Ted Benson hacked one of these amazon dash buttons to record how many times his baby woke up or how many times he changed the diaper. By pressing the button, all of the account were longed into a google spreadsheet with timestamps so that later he could go back and look at the data. Ted simply wrote a few lines of python code, that would sniff the network for the button’s ARP requests each time the button is pressed, and could in that way learn the MAC address of the button. Then, by coding in the addresses of the buttons into the Python program, Ted was able to get a message pop up from the button in his program each time the button was pressed. After that, Ted used a software that provided a URL which would link the buttons to a google spread sheet. After adding a few more lines of code, with each press of the button, data from the button was entered into a google spreadsheet.

The Amazon dash buttons have opened up endless possibilities for experimentation. Some common hacks of dash buttons include: adding items to your phone’s shopping list each time you run out of a grocery item in your fridge, as well as a silent doorbell that would notify you each time your doorbell rings by text but not make any actual sound.

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