Biometric Solutions

There are three main biometric solutions that can be installed and used with most personal computers that would provide greater security for the owner. The first such biometric solution is the fingerprint scanner. The software these fingerprint scanners can be downloaded off of the internet, however the physical scanners themselves would have to be separately purchased through an outside vendor. Most of these fingerprint solutions however are only offered for Windows and Linux operating systems. Although a fingerprint solution would be perfectly suitable to the average user, users with important and highly classified information on their computer should potentially opt for a more secure solution since a simple copy of the fingerprint lifted from a service would potentially work for a login attempt by a hacker. Bio-key offers a very good software in with which you simply purchase a usb finger scanner that you can plug into any computer. Fingerprint scanners are the most popular and widely used of the possible biometric solutions for personal computer security.

The next biometric solution to consider is face recognition software. Many companies offer such a software and this software can be installed on Mac OS, and Windows operating systems. This solution is good for security purposes and providing identification. This is not a very popular solution for login purposes on personal computers as this solution sees most of its use in government, and criminal identification purposes.

And the third biometric solution that can help provide verification is a dynamic signature software. Such software compares signatures based on the stroke, pressure, shape and direction. Again there are not many companies that offer this solution for personal computers for login identification. This biometric solution sees most of its usage by banks to verify customers’ identities.


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